Professional Technology Services

Residential & Home Office Services

Whether you work from home, game or just browse the web, we can help.

Software Installation/Upgrades
We’ll setup local, network and cloud based software and configure it to your needs.  If the software you purchased requires patching, we’ll make sure it’s up to date before we turn it over to you.

We can recommend the best wireless configuration for your home to eliminate dead spots and performance issues.
We can configure new or existing wireless products to allow your devices to connect securely.
We setup all of your devices to connect to your wireless and integrate with each other if need be.

Securing your network
Believe it or not, most home modems and firewalls don’t protect themselves from becoming vulnerable.  We’ll make sure the product you are using is protected and has the latest manufacture’s updates to prevent your hardware from being compromised.
Well guide you on the software you’ll need to secure your computers so that your data remains safe.
Internet filtering to keep your children safe
Web content filtering for PC, MAC and Mobile
Mobile App restrictions

Data Backup

We can set you up with backup solutions to suit your needs and budget.

Local disk based backups
Cloud based backups
Data Relocation
If you’ve purchased a new computer and want to move everything from your old computer to your new computer we can do that.

System optimization
Every system, if not maintained properly will eventually slow down.   We’ll take a look, clean it up and increase it’s performance.   If it’s time to upgrade we’ll make recommendations on what you should purchase next.  We don’t sell hardware so you can rest assured that we have nothing to gain by trying to sell you something new.
The best part is, we provide this for a fraction of big box store prices with about 4 times the experience.